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  1. TG Guide to Hatchbacks

    Want a jack-of-all-trades car? Then you need our guide to every hatchback you can buy. There’s a verdict for every one and you’ll find more info by clicking on each model name. Oh, and don’t forget our Car Chooser, that’ll also help you find the right one

  2. Alfa 147

    Alfa 147: Alfa’s Golf rival has had a makeover. Jolting suspension, but, otherwise, the best of Italy: knee-trembling style, sexy engine and good value if you don’t go for the top spec.

  3. Audi A3

    Audi A3: A facelifted car that is almost identical to the last one. Which is no bad thing, because it remains one of the best interiors on sale. Also gets the full range of engines.

  4. BMW 1-Series

    BMW 1-Series: Facelifted 1-Series still keeps the rear-wheel drive layout, but you can now opt for even less practicality and get a three-door version. The new green philosophy at BMW.

  5. Citroen C4

    Citroen C4: The C4’s had a facelift and gained a couple of new engines. And, like a modern-day DS, it’s still packed full of interesting tech.

  6. Dodge Caliber

    Dodge Caliber: It might look like yet another soft-roader, but this is actually more of a family hatch in disguise. Dodge’s first foray into the mainstream UK market is a poor one, though.

  7. Fiat Bravo

    Fiat Bravo: Fiat’s renaissance continues. Punto injects cool into supermini, and now Bravo nearly does the same into the family hatch. Even manages to shake off Fiat’s slightly iffy image.

  8. Ford Focus

    Ford Focus: A new Focus that’s as conservative as the original was original. Yet it’s better built and better to drive then its predecessor and is as practical as a hatchback can get.

  9. Honda Civic

    Honda Civic: Bonkers new angular design from the free-thinking Civic designers. Looks a bit like an Eighties’ spaceship, which is a good thing, but the ride’s a bit stiff for granny.

  10. Hyundai i30

    Hyundai i30: Hyundai’s take on the Kia Cee’d, sharing the same platform. Not exactly a revelation, but average styling disguises a car that’s actually OK, if a tad dull.

  11. Kia C'eed

    Kia Cee’d: Korean Focus rival that’s neat, well-made and has almost a premium feel inside. Rides well on independent suspension and is not expensive. Seven year warranty helps too.

  12. Mercedes A-Class

    Mercedes A-Class: This facelift is as pointless as a 12-year-old kid getting one. And it doesn’t stop the A-Class being the weakest model in the Mercedes range.

  13. Nissan Qashqai

    Nissan Qashqai: All-new car in an all-new sector. Or that’s what Nissan would have you believe. But this is an interesting proposition, a hatch/SUV that actually does meet its brief.

  14. Peugeot 308

    Peugeot 308: Peugeot’s aiming for increased quality with its latest family hatch - only time will tell. Unlike the face, which is instantly ugly. More luxury inside, and it’s bigger too.

  15. Proton Gen-2

    Proton GEN-2: New budget five-door hatchback that’s very European in concept, although it’s a concept that’s five years old - so don’t expect to be blown away by razor-sharp dynamics.

  16. Renault Megane

    Renault Megane: The all-new Megane, minus arse. Good to look at, lots of kit, but not quite as good to drive as a Focus or Golf. A good, sensible choice, then - but is that the Renault way?

  17. Subaru Impreza

    Subaru Impreza: New approach from Subaru - the saloon’s been ditched and it’s now a hatch. Reassuringly, it’s still not pretty, but wait for the turbocharged versions before you get too excited.

  18. Toyota Auris

    Toyota Auris: Weak effort from the world’s most powerful car maker that should have been braver with this all-new Corolla replacement. It even looks pretty similar to the old car.

  19. Vauxhall Astra

    Vauxhall Astra: The latest Astra is a quantum leap over the old model. It’s now a serious player in the Golf class and impresses in every area. Get the manic VXR for laddish kicks.

  20. Volkswagen Beetle

    Volkswagen Beetle: Appealing retro styling atop common-or-garden Golf underpinnings. Convertible version is terribly chic, apparently. But only with people who have hair extensions.

  21. Volkswagen Golf

    Volkswagen Golf: The sixth generation of VW’s iconic hatch. This time it plays it safer than ever, in a reassuring, Germanic sort of way. So, if you want thrills, wait for the GTI…

  22. Volvo C30

    Volvo C30: Stifling the automotive yawn that is Volvo with a desirable hatchback? The C30 has a lot to do, but all the ingredients are there, starting with that corking glass-hatched rear.

  23. Chevrolet Lacetti

    Chevrolet Lacetti: The reasonably-priced car continues GM’s product offensive in the British market, but at least it’s no longer an offensive product, just duller than the Corrie omnibus.

  24. Seat Leon

    Seat Leon: Current Leon’s styling isn’t to everyone’s tastes, but it’s better than the Toledo. Positives are the mechanicals (all Volkswagen anyway) and the general impression of quality.

  25. Mazda3

    Mazda3: It’s a rival for the Ford Focus. So that means a family hatchback with a mild penchant for pedalling and irritating telly adverts to alert the public to what the hell it is.

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