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Monday 11th December
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What's the best electric vehicle for winning at Top Trumps?

The Drako Dragon hyper SUV has dialled it up to 11 on all fronts, will likely be undriveable

Published: 22 Feb 2023

Now clearly Top Trumps is a game aimed distinctly at the younger end of the societal demographic – but of course, no offence to you if you’re of a more advanced age and enjoy the card-based one-upmanship that Top Trumps affords you. 

It can get a little dull once you’ve gone a few rounds of Farm Animals, Skyscrapers or Elvis Presley’s Greatest Singles (all of those are real packs you can actually buy), but we rather like the idea of real life gatherings of maniacal owners of extreme machines for some real world Top Trumps. 

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You know, heavy plant crossing the road (you never do see them) to a disused quarry somewhere and a cry goes up as some joker turns up in a 360-tonne Belaz 75710 dump truck. It wins on almost every conceivable metric, especially with its 33 metres per gallon consumption from its 16cyl diesel.

When it comes to what electric vehicle you’d bring along to an underground Top Trumps face-off there’s a contender that emerges head and shoulders about the rest. At least until the next ill-advised stratospherically statted electric start-up comes along. This one is possibly only marginally cheaper to run than the Belaz, though we’d imagine slightly more manoeuvrable around the city streets.

The Drako Dragon is an SUV that refuses to admit that it is one, the three-door layout and coupe-style roof as close as a car can get to sporting a combover. But boy is it speedy. Drako promises a 0-60mph time of 1.9secs (although that’s probably with the American headstart), a quarter mile time of 9.0secs and a top speed over 200mph you’d probably need most of Bavaria to work up to.

The Drako Dragon isn’t actually due to arrive on the market until 2026, but with 2,000bhp on tap if you drive against the axis of the Earth you’ll actually be able to go back and make up for lost time like Superman. A man in San Francisco technically got his delivered last week, although it arrived with over 75,000 miles on the clock and had to be serviced in 2011 when it was driven slightly too far. 

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The numbers keep on coming though – the firm behind this hyperpowered unicorn says that it’ll be able to charge at 500kW, has a US EPA range of 420 miles (eat your heart out Musk) and features whopping 23in wheels. Surprisingly the weight is probably the one area where you’ll lose at Top Trumps against other super SUVs, at 2,254kg it’s practically in danger of wasting away. Its £240k price tag will make your eyes water too. But at least you’ll win.

Best EV for winning at Top Trumps – Drako Dragon
Price: £240,000
Range: 420 miles (EPA)
Engine: 2,000bhp e-motors
Battery: Huge
Top speed: >200mph
0–60mph: 1.9secs
Boot space: “Ample”

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