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Top Gear Magazine in 2007

Clarkson in 2007: “James May may or may not snore.
It’s hard to say for sure because the farting is so incessant and so loud that you can hear nothing else. He is a sinus and an arse hole.”

Top Gear Car of The Year: Audi R8

“I’ve never made any bones about the R8. It is pretty special. I definitely remember saying something of the sort in these very pages last summer. It looks astonishing, goes, stops and corners like it has rewritten the laws of physics, and it is built like a nuclear bunker. In many ways, there’s no argument against it winning the TopGear Magazine Car of The Year award for 2007.” JC

Three cars from 2007


“It remains that the M3 is a very special car. A car that can be driven by the legions of rich people who just want the top-spec 3-Series. A car that can be driven without making anyone sweat enough to make their fake tan run. But it’s also a car that’s furious enough to make you realise that when it comes to making fast saloon cars, BMW really knows where it’s doing. Bring on the group tests, bring on the awards discussion meetings - I’ll bring the M3.” September 2007

Aston Martin DBS

“Great on the road, merely alright on the track? Better that way, for sure. And the DBS is way ahead of the Vanquish in both disciplines. It’s beautiful to look at, beautifully built and mostly, beautiful to drive. All the expected, soul-stirring Aston boxes have been ticked. But though this is the first car to be launched into Aston Martin’s brave new Ford-free world, it feels more like the end of a chapter than the start of a new one. Despite Dr. Bez’s protestations, some people suspect that Aston has lost the plot with the DBS. It hasn’t. But it’s surely time for a new one.” November 2007

Lamborghini Reventon

“It’s not a track car. Not a Ferrari, not even a Porsche. It’s a sculpture, and that’s what it looks like from outside and within, as it hunkers down onto the track to prove what it certainly can do, but will never have to. It’s not a road car, either. Too wide, too low and with a ride so hard in genuinely hurts, it taunts you with its potential as you thread it through villages, scattering wide-eyed, zombie-like citizens and extremely curious law-enforces. Then you quickly take it home, polish it once more and ease it into your temperature-controlled garage, or better still, art gallery.” December 2007

The best-selling car of 2007: Ford Focus

The best-selling song of 2007: Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis

And elsewhere in the world in 2007: A student shoots and kills 32 students at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute before committing suicide; the final book in J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series is released, and quickly becomes the fastest-selling book in history; and the first iPhone is released to the public.

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