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  1. Sample a few of Top Gear’s greatest photos in our gallery, then go and buy a copy of the magazine for your coffee table.

  2. Fiat 500 Concept
    Putting beautiful girls and
    beautiful cars together went out of fashion in the UK at about the same time as
    coal mining. But there are certain times, and certain cars, that positively
    demand a reunion.

    Where: Turin, Italy
    When: May 2004
    Who: Anton Watts

  3. Alfa Romeo 8C
    All snapped up before they were made, this is probably as good a glance of Alfa’s 8C Competizione as we’re ever
    likely to get. Sold in tiny numbers to be squirreled away by wealthy collectors, it’s triumph and tragedy in equal measure.

    Where: Balocco, Italy
    When: December 2007
    Who: Lee Brimble

  4. Aston Martin Vantage

    It’s hard to imagine a more British image of motoring aspiration than this, a shot made
    all the more patriotic, and possible, by the super-smooth ride and sheer speed of the
    Jaguar XJR it was taken from.

    Where: Glencoe, Scotland
    When: October 2005
    Who: Lee Brimble

  5. Ariel Atom

    Top Gear has had some dubious ideas in its time, but arguably none to rival driving an Ariel Atom from Southwest England to the Artic Circle in the middle of winter. We made it though, and somehow so did our fingers and toes.

    Where: Arctic Circle, Norway
    When: May 2005
    Who: Lee Brimble

  6. Caparo T1

    The closed-canopy Caparo is the space-aged stuff of school boy fantasies. Getting out of the
    wind is a £25,000 option on the T1, but if you’re going to be hitting 100mph in
    5.8 seconds it’s
    one worth considering.

    Where: Park Royal Studios, England
    When: July 2007
    Who: Lee Brimble

  7. Fiat 500 Abarth Essesse v RenaultSport Twingo

    If you’re going to dice with icy hairpins and thousand metre drops, a 500 Abarth or Renaultsport Twingo will reward you more than any gingerly driven supercar. And you may live to tell the tale.

    Where: Aosta, Italy
    January 2009
    Justin Leighton

  8. Dodge Challenger v Chevy Camaro v GT500

    Nothing says ‘Blissful Americana’ more than these three cars, bleached
    midday sunshine, a few cacti and an empty road in California.

    Where: Palms to Pines Highway
    When: June 2009
    Who: Anton Watts

  9. Lotus Evora

    Never has the wizardry and magic trickery and
    brilliance of Lotus’ chassis engineers been more fully and glowingly
    demonstrated than in this car. Its fabulous balance between ride comfort and
    handling is almost other-worldly. It’s beautiful, too.

    Where: Glen Coe, Scotland
    When: June 2009
    Who: Joe Windsor-Williams

  10. Ferrari F2008

    Amidst the secrecy and politics of the paddock, the complexity of Ferrari’s F1 aero package is closely guarded. But Top Gear got a decent peek here as Felipe Massa tore around the Monaco
    street circuit on full wets.

    Where: Monaco
    When: July 2008
    Who: Justin Leighton

  11. Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

    Here’s what you could have won, had you been born into money in a Northern European tax haven. On the up side, your Honda Cub has the 612 Scaglietti licked on fuel economy.

    Where: Minfeng, China
    When: April 2006
    Who: Anton Watt

  12. Hilux to North Pole

    An extraordinary undertaking by anyone’s
    standards, and a genuine world first. You wouldn’t have put money on Top Gear being the first people on the planet to drive to the North Pole. Or would you…?

    Where: The Arctic
    When: September 2007
    Who: Camera Man

  13. Koenigsegg CCXR

    The bio-fuel Koenigsegg was a handful. So much so that the factory’s test driver put it in a ditch at over 100mph with Top
    Gear onboard. The car you see here was hastily cobbled
    together for a shaky last minute shoot.

    Where: Angelholm, Sweden
    When: June 2007
    Who: Joe Windsor-Williams

  14. Lamborghini Gallardo SuperLeggera

    are quite a few things you could rightly expect to find up a grubby back alley
    in downtown Los Angeles, but a Lamborghini Gallardo isn’t one of them. Not the
    Superleggera at any rate.

    Where: Los Angeles, USA
    When: May 2007
    Who: Lee Brimble

  15. Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

    Across town from the GTX1, Top Gear was also being let loose in the first Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, a car so
    beautiful that Clarkson immediately ordered one, hairdressers or not.

    Where: Miami, USA
    When: March 2006
    Who: Lee Brimble

  16. Mercedes SL63

    In the high summer deserts of California, with the mercury nudging 120 degrees,
    things like a panoramic glass roof, or no roof at all, start to sound like a very bad idea. Is that some shade up ahead?

    Where: Death Valley, USA
    When: December 2008
    Who: Justin Leighton

  17. Rolls Royce Phantom

    There aren’t many places where a Rolls Royce Phantom blends seamlessly into its surroundings, but you could choose better than the wrong side of Vegas at midnight. The hotel Top Gear was booked into had just been shut after a shooting.

    Where: Las Vegas, USA
    When: August 2005
    Who: Anton Watt

  18. Ford Focus RS and GT

    The two faces of Ford. Blue collar heroes from both sides of the pond go head to head and there’s not much between them. Except that you could have a Focus RS for each day of the week for the price of one GT.

    Where: Grand Corniche, Monaco
    When: March 2009
    Who: Joe Windsor-William

  19. May and Zonda Roadster F

    The Pagani Roadster F is everything that James May isn’t. Fast, flash and Italian. He could only feel more out of place if he were up against a Bugatti Veyron and The Stig. Oh…

    Where: Dunsfold, England
    When: January 2009
    Who: Justin Leighton

  20. Dodge Viper

    It’s not easy to get a bona fide Top Gun fighter pilot excited, but dumping the clutch in a 600bhp 8.0-litre V10 Viper seemed to just about do it. Top Gear, Top Gun – we’ve always felt fairly interchangeable.

    Where: Rosamund, USA
    When: April 2005
    Who: Lee Brimble

  21. Porsche Carrera GT

    Clarkson drives the antidote to his Porsche allergy, the Carrera GT. A still-born Le Mans racing project, the GT was for many years the fastest car round the Nordschleife and remains the ultimate driver’s car for those it doesn’t kill.

    Where: Berlin, Germany
    When: November 2003
    Who: Anton Watts

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