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Gallery: rehearsals for Sunday's Top Gear 

  1. Would you, dear internet, like an exhilarating glimpse behind the TV world’s magical cloak? Well allow us to foist onto you these images, snaffled from behind the scenes during filming of the fourth episode of series 19. Fourth! Crumbs.
    What’s coming up, though? Well, there are unusual supercars from unexpected countries, a Peugeot Onyx, an exceptionally fast star in our reasonably priced car (yes, it’s the return of Lewis Hamilton), a very sensible road-test featuring some very special guests, a brand new hot hatch test and three men called Richard, Jeremy, and James.
    You’ll have to tune into BBC Two or BBC HD at 8:00pm on Sunday for the rest…

    Pictures: Mark Yeoman / BBC

  2. Oh my. We think we’ve just had a crisis. Read more from our Peugeot Onyx drive here

  3. Assistant Producer, Greg Vince, is famed across the studio for storing Halibut fillets around his neck.

  4. Richard and James recollect the harrowing moment they went face-to-udder with a cow.

  5. Every week, Richard reenacts classic movie moments while Jeremy and James mark his rendition out of ten. This week, Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.

  6. Jeremy scored him poorly.

  7. Oh God. We’ve made a mess again.

  8. “That’s it, Richard - we need more FIRE!”

  9. Richard plays the How Many Actual Facts Are In This Episode? game.

  10. We’ll see you here, on BBC Two or BBC HD at 8:00pm this Sunday…

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