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Gallery: a sneak preview of series 18

  1. Those
    who like to keep up with the fast-moving digital age (or watch a lot of
    BBC2) will have seen our new trailer by now: Ray Winstone, Richard at
    the NASCAR, James on a rather bizarre lap of Dunsfold, a flying man with wings,
    Jeremy in a wig blowing up a caravan, a C63 AMG Black in a cloud of tyre-smoke
    and a new, dapper incarnation of the Stig.

    We’re still beavering away
    on the final pieces but in the meantime, we thought you might like to see
    what’s been going in our “photos” folder…

    Those who hate spoilers,
    look away now

    For a comprehensive preview of series 18, you need
    the free supplement in the new issue of Top Gear Magazine – more info this way

  2. Approximately 72% of this series’ budget has now gone on tyres

  3. Floats like a wildebeest, stings like a mild application of Savlon

  4. Jeremy’s been learning new dances in the break - here he demonstrates ‘the robot’

  5. (l-r): Morgan 3 Wheeler, KTM X-Bow, Caterham R500

  6. 20 cylinders, one supercharger, two men in ridiculous clothes

  7. Juan Pablo Montoya dispenses wisdom ahead of Richard’s NASCAR debut

  8. Richard’s NASCAR pace car: the vehicular equivalent of an antelope  

  9. Auditions for the next reasonably-priced car are still ongoing

  10. It’s Stig’s Chinese cousin

  11. Forget breaking the air conditioning – this series it’s all about superglue on the bonnets

  12. This probably won’t pass the EU emissions test

  13. Another caravan bites the dust

  14. That’s Ray Winstone…

  15. …and that’s Brian Johnson out of ACDC

  16. l-r: McLaren MP4-12C, Noble M600, Lamborghini Aventador

  17. It’s Italian Stig!

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