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Top Gear TV returns to BBC Two 16 April

Episode six of series 24 won’t be on BBC Two in the UK this Sunday. Here’s why

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Pity Dustin Johnson. The 32-year old American was tipped to win his first ever Green Jacket at this year’s Masters, but unfortunately suffered a back injury the day before the tournament kicked off.

Can world number two Rory McIlory take the coveted- oh heck, we have literally no idea what any of the above means. Largely because Top Gear doesn’t understand The Golf. We understand Golf – you know, the universally loved Volkswagen hatchback that spawns the GTI and R. But the thing with the sticks and the fields and the funny gloves? Yeah, no idea.

But alas, it is because of The Golf that episode six of Top Gear series 24 won’t be on your UK screens this Sunday. So, if you too do not understand The Golf and switch over to BBC Two on Sunday night at 8pm hoping to find Matt, Chris and Rory, but instead find yourselves staring at the admittedly beautiful Augusta National Golf Club, well, now you know.

Fear not, UK viewers, for we’ll be back the week after, on Sunday 16 April, when The Golf will have finished, and we can get back to the business of hooning around in some of the world’s most amazing cars. In the meantime, why not get your fix of TG TV by hitting the link below and catching up on the BBC’s iPlayer?

While you do that, we’ll send an office minion to gently break it to Stig that we’ll be taking a UK break this week. Considering he too doesn’t understand The Golf, this might not end very well…

NOTE: this only applies to the schedule in the UK – Top Gear is on as usual on BBC America this week (it runs a week later). Check local listings for other countries.

Top Gear on BBC iPlayer

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