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Watch the best bits of series 27 and 28 of Top Gear TV

First of six episodes kicks off on BBC Two this weekend at 6pm

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It’s a Proven Truth that, really, you can never see enough of Freddie Flintoff being pelted off a really bloody massive dam in a Metro via bungee cord. Or watching our three presenters buy battered old convertibles only to be sprayed in the face with what we told them was a ‘synthetic sweat substitute’.

Thankfully this, along with many other moments (some containing proper motoring advice), will be presented to your very eyes in the form of six new episodes celebrating the best bits of series 27 and 28 of Top Gear TV.

The first episode kicks off this Sunday – featuring our trio’s epic Ethiopia trip – and the run will also include such hits as the journey across Peru, building a family car out of a hearse, Harris driving McRae’s old Impreza, his take on the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, and much more.

Tune in this Sunday, 9 August, at 6pm on BBC Two for the first episode. And stay tuned for a brand new series of Top Gear telly coming atcha very soon

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