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Top Gear’s top 25 viral videos

The world wide web is 25, so here are some of the best car-based clips to celebrate

  1. On 23 August 1991 mankind made another giant leap, we became… Internauts. Yep, 25 years ago Sir Tim Berners-Lee made the World Wide Web accessible to the public. And the world changed forever.

    Sir Tim’s idea was to democratise knowledge by providing free academic information to everyone. Hmm… we kind of got distracted, didn’t we? For the last 25 years, we’ve personally been drifting around the digital superhighway wasting hours in Habbo hotel, weird YouTube holes, and trying to justify the purchase of a suit of armour for a hamster on eBay.

    But the WWW has also provided some amazing car-based clips over the last few years that have made us laugh, cringe and cry. So, in the most internet way possible, we’ve collated 25 of the best into an easily digestible video listicle. Because the internet loves a listicle, so it’s a suitable present. Happy birthday, World Wide Web.

  2. How to drive the ‘Ring in the snow

    Nürburgring lap videos are not, it’s fair to say, in short supply. Lap videos that are 14 minutes long, however, are rarer, especially when they involve a proper winged race car. Even scarcer are videos recorded in minus 16-degree conditions with the track engulfed in ice and snow. It’s fair to say the video above is a little mesmerising.

  3. The Koenigsegg Regera's incredible 1800bhp single-drive hybrid engine

    Koenigsegg  very kindly sent some footage. It’s footage of the Swedish firm’s incredible Regera ‘mega car’ engine running through its paces, spinning – says Koenigsegg – from an effective 31mph to 217mph on a dyno thanks to a 5.0-litre twin turbo V8, producing 1100bhp and sending all its power directly to the rear wheels.

  4. A Lambo engine in a Fiat 500

    If you put enough monkeys in a room full of typewriters, eventually they’ll come up with the complete works of Shakespeare. And if you put enough Fiat 500s and Lamborghini Murciélagos in the world, eventually someone will make them one.

    Don’t believe us? Have a look at this. On top, it’s a classic Fiat Cinquecento (albeit somewhat inflated). But underneath, there’s a 580hp 6.2-litre V12 Murciélago engine. Which is a bit silly.

  5. A lorry driver overtaking like he's playing Snake II

    If you thought Lewis Hamilton’s spot-microscopic-gap-and-go-for-it overtaking manoeuvres were the ballsiest you’d see this year, prepare to reconsider.

    Hit play above to witness the tale of one lorry driver’s lightning-quick reactions and skill behind the wheel.

  6. A 4,500bhp quad-turbo V16 engine going mad on a dyno

    At the 2013 Dubai Auto Show, Devel – a Dubai-based hypercar manufacturer – threw down the gauntlet to the rest of the Fast Car World. It unveiled the ‘Sixteen’, a 5,000bhp prototype with an intended capacity to reach 60mph from a standstill in 1.8 seconds, and top out at 348mph. Yeah right, we thought. It’ll never happen, we thought. Our cynicism, however, has been partially vanquished, largely thanks to the video above. Not quite the full 5,000bhp, but a pretty big blanket to calm the internet hate flames for a few more years.

  7. Stig does a lap in the Hennessey Velociraptor 600

    The Hennessey VelociRaptor is not subtle. Instead, it’s loud, it’s yellow, it’s the size of a Nimitz-Class aircraft carrier, and thanks to some knobbly tyres, it’s more than capable of scaling literally anything put before it. Including Canadian mountains.

    Oh, and it’s pretty powerful, too. 623bhp powerful. And a certain tame racing driving racer wouldn’t let it leave the Top Gear studio before grabbing the keys for one hot, and occasionally sideways lap around the TG track. Hit play to see what happened when Stig wrestled the yellow behemoth around a very wet Dunsfold.

  8. The best overtake you will see today

    Valentino Rossi normally rides motorbikes. Motorbikes are quite narrow. However, at the Monza Rally Show, The Doctor was piloting a rally-spec Fiesta, which is rather wider.

    Now, we’re not sure whether Rossi simply forgot he was in charge of a vehicle several feet broader than his usual steed, or he’s even ballsier than we ever thought. Either way, it made for one hell of an overtake in front of his home crowd around the ultra-tight Monza circuit.

  9. A 13-year-old rallyist scaring someone stupid

    Let us introduce you to a potential future WRC champion, Kalle Rovanperä. We say ‘potential’ because he’s only 13.

    But despite Kalle’s tender years, he can thrash a Citroen C2 rally car through the woods so fast it reduces fully-grown adults to trembling, screaming wrecks.

  10. Top Gear magazine on ice

    TG magazine’s ice-based extravaganza, for which we took a select group of supercars, hot-hatches and, erm, a Nissan Juke with tracks to a frozen Swedish lake for a spot of light drifting and the best reindeer stew south of Lapland.

  11. A jet-powered go-kart

    Colin Furze is a plumber from Lincolnshire. He’s also a man well known to the web for his tenacious shed-based tinkerage, childish enthusiasm and inherent disregard for safety. For this stunt, Mr Furze strapped a whopping great jet engine to a go-kart. And when Colin’s kart fires up, boy does it fire up. In what looks like the starting sequence to a shuttle launch, driving Colin’s kart is basically the lift-off scene from Apollo 13, but taking place on the horizontal axis, rather than vertical.

  12. The best parking video ever?

    Construction. Landscaping. Excavating. Fertilizing. Bunny-hopping onto the back of a truck’s flatbed. All the things the Bobcat S130 Skid-Steer Loader is capable of doing. A clear case of OMG. How on earth, you cry, does it bunny-hop onto the back of a truck? Allow the gentleman in this video to expertly explain. Via the medium of jumpy.

  13. How not to launch a drag bike

    Laxatives come in many forms. But if Senokot isn’t working for you, we found something else that’s sure to do the trick: a wild drag bike unexpectedly giving you all of its boost at once.

  14. Watch a truck jump over an F1 car

    This is a video of a really big truck jumping over a 2013 Lotus Formula One car. That is it. You must watch it immediately.

  15. The Pagani Zonda Revolucion on track

    The Pagani Zonda R was supposed to be the last ever Zonda. Until along came the Zonda Revolucion, and oh, how we rejoiced. Harder, faster, pointer, it was the ultimate incarnation of Zonda. Zonda distilled.

    Here then, for your delectation, are two Pagani Zondas filmed doing what they do best: having a good old blast around a track. The one with the stripe is, we’re reliably informed, the mad Revolucion. The other car? The slightly less mad R.

  16. Terrifying footage of a Chinese traffic jam

    There are traffic jams - where the Highways Agency closes three lanes of a busy motorway to scoop up a hapless driver’s dismembered wing mirror - and then there are traffic jams. This is the latter. Where in 2010 stranded drivers for 10 days. And we thought Britain had it bad…

  17. The excellent two-man Sherp ATV

    You’ll have to forgive our Russian translation, but TG thinks that the two-man Sherp is probably worth your attention. It’s a Saint-Petersburg ATV based on the concept from a man called Aleksei Garagashian, and despite the Tonka-toy looks, is remarkably simple. Plus, it looks like remarkable fun. 

  18. 800bhp Trophy Truck tearing through Mexico

    Ensenada, Mexico is home to the start of the epic Baja 1000. It’s a race that, as TG found out a couple of years back, strips you to your bare essence of fragile, puny, fleshy human and gives you a kick in the crotch while it’s there. Thanks to BJ Baldwin, we find Ensenada, Mexico is also home to one of the most insane Trophy Truck videos we’ve ever seen. 

  19. Ken Block’s Gymkhana Five

    You know who Ken Block is. You know what he does. But in the fifth instalment of his Gymkhana series, Ken takes his loyal Hoonigan-approved H.F.H.V, or “Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle for a very sideways, very airborne and very smokey trip around the streets of San Francisco to begin his War On Tyres. 

  20. Are there ghost cars in Russia?

    Yes, it appears that Mother Russia now has ghost cars. Pesky four-wheeled poltergeists that literally come out of nowhere to cut up cars and cause them to crash.

  21. A tap that sounds like an F1 car

    When F1 introduced V6 hybrid engines in 2014, it was hoped that the new power units would be admired for their groundbreaking levels of efficiency.

    Instead, they have been relentlessly mocked for the noise that they make; something of a mosquito-esque whine that is both quieter and less tuneful than the V8s they replaced. This is especially frustrating given that the bathroom sink in the video above appears to have made a better job of sounding like a race car.

  22. Japanese Lambo Aventador is an assault on the eyeballs

    With its triangular and trapezoidal lines, upward hinged doors and 700bhp 6.5-litre V12, the standard Lamborghini Aventador is quite the wallflower.

    As you can imagine, with these retiring looks and muted soundtrack the poor Aventador fades into non-existence when dropped into a canvas of rush hour traffic.

    Luckily, some Japanese entrepreneurs have a solution to make it stand out. All you have to do is cover the whole thing in a ludicrous vinyl wrap, then add lights and a huge, flaming exhaust. 

  23. How to overtake 17 drivers in one lap

    This is not Gran Turismo. Rather a man called Al demonstrating the enormity of his gentleman vegetables by climbing 17 places in one lap.

  24. Flat-out up an alp in an Aventador SV

    The Italian police closed a whole mountain for us and told us to go as fast as we liked. So we did.

  25. Lots of rally cars crashing on the same corner

    At first glance, this video may appear to be just another bobble-hatted rally fan’s handy-cam footage. But stick with it, as the action from the Jari-Pekka Ralli in Finland gets very, very crashy.

    Up until the minute mark, the most exciting thing to happen is a mustard yellow BMW E36 getting out of shape and penduluming on the snowy surface. In rally terms, no biggie.

    But then… BAM! After a quick camera reposition, things get exciting.

  26. Watch ten minutes of off-road carnage

    When the road fizzles from hard black tarmac to dusty bouldery wastelands, that’s when most drivers call it quits and reprogram the sat nav. But to off-road enthusiasts, that’s where the fun begins.

    Now, off-roading covers quite a broad spectrum. At one end you have the ageing octogenarian towing their caravan ‘off-road’ and onto a well-maintained grassy campsite. At the other, you have the people in the video above.

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