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The Batmobile’s on eBay. Not the Tumbler or one of those funny Lincoln Futura-based things - we mean THE Batmobile.

Well, we say THE Batmobile, we mean A Batmobile that’s about as close as anyone’s ever got to the real, fictitious thing from the Tim Burton movie, Batman.

Created by 29-year-old racecar builder, Casey Putsch, this thing isn’t some miserable lashed-up kit car - it’s got an ex-military Boeing turboshaft helicopter engine that produces 365 horsepower and happily runs on jet fuel, kerosene, or diesel.

Underneath, there’s fully independent, cockpit-adjustable suspension dangling from a steel tubular space/monocoque chassis, on top of which there’s fiberglass and aluminum bodywork.

In the centre console there’s an iPad 2 - Wayne Enterprises wallpaper, natch - which deals with the digital avionics.

The price? £379,669.

Don’t click this link. You’ll bankrupt yourself. Now look at this Batmobile gallery.

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