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The Chrysler Halcyon Concept is a vision of an optimistic future for Chrysler

Is that song by Orbital stuck in your head now? It is in ours

Published: 13 Feb 2024

Stellantis isn’t doing much with the Chrysler brand lately, but better days are coming, if the recently unveiled Halcyon Concept is anything to go by.

Meant to convey “harmony in motion", the Halcyon Concept is a vision of what’s in store for the nearly 100 year-old brand. The concept pulls together a number of elements from previous ideas showcased in other concepts such as the Chrysler Portal and Airflow, as well as the Synthesis Cockpit demonstrator.

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The Halcyon is designed around the STLA Large platform, a real thing that will be the basis of a number of Stellantis sub-brand cars, including the hotly/cautiously anticipated Dodge Charger EV. There aren’t any powertrain elements to speak of, but rest assured the Halcyon has been dreamed up to be as dynamic as your imagination allows it to be, with incredible range and, with an on-board AI, is kind of your friend, too.

Fantastical elements put aside for a moment, the actual structure of the Halcyon is a sharp-looking four-seater with a striking greenhouse that we’re sure looks very intense from the inside. It cuts a sleek profile, with a functional air blade aerodynamic pass-through at the front sat between the haunches of the front wheel wells. It sits just four inches off the ground and rides on Pirelli-shod 22in wheels for the full “fast while sitting still” vibe.

There's a barn-door-T-top combo of sorts that opens up to the spacious, if spartan, interior. It’s intended to be a bit of a “digital detox” space while also showcasing the technology that’s meant to replace our idea of a traditional dashboard layout. 95 per cent of the interior is made up of sustainable materials that includes recycled PET bottles, synthetic leathers and fabrics. Uniquely, crushed music CDs are reused for a number of interior elements such as the winged Chrysler logo, in case you were wondering what happened to your collection after you decided you were too cool for Spiceworld.

What remains is a 15.6-inch console screen and a reverse-yoke steering wheel while the rest is either displayed through the augmented-reality head-up display that encompasses the entirety of the windshield.

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The HUD will not only display driving data but the AR functions will point out landmarks and even constellations while you kick back and stargaze as the car drives itself at night. As it is with all future concepts, the Halcyon is intended to feature level 4 autonomy modes and a cabin that transforms into a lounge. The AI assistant does most of the heavy lifting here, driving the car on its predetermined route, monitoring traffic and maintaining an optimal cabin while passengers bark voice commands at it.

We won’t have to wait long to see what pans out from the Halcyon in a production sense. While it’s doubtful that Stellantis will pull an LC500 and drop a nearly one-to-one production model of the concept, the future of Chrysler is a bit of an open book. The once-prominent brand is earmarked to have an all-electric portfolio by 2028. Seeing that it’s currently being kept alive solely by the successful Pacifica minivan, the deck is clear for whatever Stellantis wants to do with it. Maybe Halcyon days are coming after all.

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