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Ford Mustang news - Mustang TG? - 2008

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Take a look at this very cool CGI video of the 2010 Ford Mustang GT in action, and then see if you can spot what’s not quite right about it.

Spotted it? If not, take a closer look at about 18 seconds in. See the GT badge on back-to-front?

You might wonder how a team of crack CGI designers managed to put together a clip of such impressive realism – and with such an excellent V8 soundtrack - yet completely failed to realise that flipping the whole thing round at the last moment might cause a few problems.

Everything’s the wrong way round, including it being a right-hand drive! (Although obviously that’s the right way round, but you see what we mean.)

Either way, it’s still a very cool video. And doesn’t that badge say TG? Let the conspiracy theories begin…

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