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The Super Bowl ads of 2014

  1. This weekend we learned two things - Americans don’t understand the rules of rugby, but they’re pretty nifty at making car ads.

    It was Super Bowl Sunday, y’see - the grand finale of the country’s armoured game of Handegg - and it’s a rather popular event. More than 100 million people tune in to watch the game, and carmakers seize the opportunity to reach lots of pretzel-stuffed would-be buyers by putting together their most compelling case.

    Each 30-second spot can cost up to £2.4m, so it’s no surprise that they aren’t cut from the usual smug-bloke-on-a-twisty-road cloth. This year’s crop features Bruce Willis, German mutants, odd dogs, folk musicians, cow lust, and inexplicable melting spoons. Here they are…

  2. Audi

    To express the dangers of compromise, Audi breeds a Doberman with a Chihuahua, creating the Doberhuahua. Which, ironically, seems to understeer a lot.

    Click here to watch

  3. Chevrolet

    Promoting the new Silverado truck, this ad employs the popular promotional tool of farmyard rutting.

    Click here to watch

  4. Chrysler

    Bob Dylan continues to demonstrate a strange willingness to do things for money by espousing the good ol’ USA and standing next to a Chrysler 200.

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  5. Ford

    A two-part ad featuring Rob Riggle (that bloke from The Hangover) and James Franco telling you that the Fusion Hybrid does nearly double the MPG of the average American car. Disappointing absence of new Mustang. Fails to double our interest in new Mondeo.

    Click here to watch

  6. Honda

    Bruce Willis receives a hug from a man called Fred.

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  7. Hyundai

    The slightly less neurotic bloke from The Big Bang Theory speaks to a girl while Richard Lewis says things. On the plus side, there’s a Hyundai i30 in it.

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  8. Jaguar

    Jag’s ad shows British people doing many things that American people think British people do.

    Click here to watch

  9. Jeep

    Jeep says restlessness makes you itch, and that a Cherokee can scratch it. We’d suggest a trip to the clinic.

    Click here to watch

  10. Kia

    Morpheus eschews the Lincoln and passengers around the Matrix in a Kia K900. Spoons melt. We’re not sure why.

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  11. Maserati

    Fiat Group puts together a blue-collar advert during a blue-collar sporting event for its blue-collar brand, Maserati. Wait, what?

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  12. Toyota

    According to some Muppets, the new Highlander has room for a flock of chickens, a drum kit, a grand piano, and Terry Crews. We thought it only had 1200 litres of luggage space?

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  13. Volkswagen

    More of that German humour you’ve read about from VW, which claims its engineers sprout wings every time a ‘Dub cracks 100,000 miles. God knows what came out of the bloke that built Jeremy’s Golf from Sunday’s show.

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