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Toyota readies its SEMA show cars

  1. SEMA is almost upon us. That yearly celebration of the aftermarket tuning fraternity’s take on motoring; a place where carbon fibre wide body excess and low-riding V8 pickup trucks are deemed the norm.

    Earlier, we showed you Hyundai’s hilariously overpowered 1,000bhp Genesis Coupe. Now Japan has responded with a small battalion of modified concepts from Toyota, Scion and Lexus, all set for the gaudy paradise of Nevada.

    They’ll go on display between November 5-8 in Vegas. If you can’t make it to the city of vice, here’s what you’re missing out on.

    Vijay Pattni

  2. GReddy Performance x Scion Racing Drift FR-S

    GReddy has upped the ante on the FR-S (the GT86/BRZ across the pond) to its natural conclusion: a balls-out 750bhp drift prototype packing a turbocharged 2JZ-GTE engine (that’s the one from an old Supra) and aero kit. Yikes.

  3. Bulletproof FR-S Concept One

    Another modified FR-S, this one featuring a handmade body, carbon fibre interior, track-tuned suspension and fully rebuilt 500bhp engine.

  4. Steve Aoki x Scion FR-S

    Steve Aoki is a disc jockey. Naturally then, a car known for its innate driftability is the perfect choice to pack a fully operation mixing station, custom Pioneer sound system with multiple speakers, a deck lid-mounted LCD display and even a fog machine. The FR-S, of course, boasts another fog machine: it’s called THE REAR AXLE.

  5. Urban GT Sport Coupe

    A relatively pared-back offering compared to its brothers-in-arms: concept camera mirrors, custom leather interior and some natty stitching are the key details for this FR-S.

  6. Strictly Business Cartel Scion xB

    The US-only Scion xB is a box-shaped urban hatchback built for the yoof of tomorrow. Naturally, it needed stretching and turning into a mini-limo. Cartel Customs added on-board WiFi, an Apple Mac mini, a wireless keyboard and some luxury appointments.

  7. Toyota CamRally

    A result of Toyota’s ‘Dream Build Challenge’ - which calls in sports stars and mod shops - this Camry was designed by 22-year Nascar driver Parker Kligerman, and built by Kyle Busch Motorsports and Detroit Speed. You get a rally-themed livery, a turbocharged Toyota V6 engine, adjustable, ‘aggressive’ suspension and custom exhaust system.

  8. Moto Tundra

    Motocross riders John Grant and Justin Brayton teamed up with N-Fab to create a sort of Nascar-spec ‘rolling pitlane’. There’s an eight-foot pit box construction on the bed section, with data acquisition and video feeds, as well as a spare engine, wheels and suspension to keep the ‘test day’ going. Just don’t pull a Hamilton and turn up in the wrong pit…

  9. Toyota Crusher Corolla

    A BMX-inspired Corolla - yes, a Corolla - designed by Canadian Drew Bezanson. He optioned a TRD exhaust, adjustable coilovers, gravel-spec rally tires, Skullcandy graphics and some bike mounts. Oh, and an audio system capable of dislodging several fillings.

  10. Toyota ‘Ultimate Dream Ski' 4Runner

    Simon Dumont is apparently one of the finest freestyle skiers in the world, able to jump 20ft ‘out of the pipe’. We have literally no idea what this means, but his take on Toyota’s mid-size SUV takes in some JBL audio, ‘ultra wheels’, a ski rack, and custom body paint. There are some heated features inside, too. It is skiing, after all.

  11. Lexus IS 350 F Sport by Rob Evans/VIP Auto Salon

    Lexus rather likes its new 2014 IS. So does Rob Evans, who designed this bonkers saloon that includes a one-off aero pack, a Brembo GT brake system, 20in forged alloys and a custom colour. Just watch out for kerbs. Or speed humps. Or anything, basically.

  12. Lexus IS 340 by Philip Chase

    Again, another from the Toyota familia that gets the famous 2JZ-GTE engine from the Supra, here pushing out over 700bhp. There’s also a custom four-inch exhaust system, a Modellista five-piece lip kit and carbon fibre bonnet vents.

  13. Lexus IS AWD by Gordon Ting

    This one gets a GReddy performance exhaust and intake system, Brembo brakes, racing seats, a five-piece TRD body kit and even a roll-cage. To the rally stage!

  14. Lexus IS 250 F Sport by Paul Tolson and Gabriel Escobedo

    It’s loud, and it’s low; thank the unique ‘Air Runner’ suspension setup and the BASF orange mercury and galaxy root beer paint, for that. Also gets 19in wheels (what you can see of them, anyway), a Rotara brake system and custom exhaust setup.

  15. Lexus IS 350 F Sport by Seibon Carbon

    This one’s an ode to carbon fibre: the bonnet, boot, wings, front lips, side skirts, rear lip and spoiler, roof spoiler and interior trim pieces are all made from CF, while you also get 20in racing wheels and some bespoke suspension and intake systems.

  16. Lexus IS 350 F Sport by Vossen Wheels

    It’s yellow. Yes, it’s got a Tommy Kaira dual exhaust system (remember them?), Brembo brakes, 20in Vossen alloys and coilovers, but it’s the custom LFA-inspired luminous hue you’ll remember.

  17. Lexus LFA by Guy S De Alwis

    Speaking of the LFA, here’s one with a carbon fibre aero kit and some Toyo rubber. That is all.

  18. Lexus IS 300 by Maricar Cortez

    This, the first generation IS, was treated to a bit of a tuneup, featuring a supercharger, dual exhaust system and custom intake manifold, coilovers, 19in wheels, as well as new four-pot brakes, Rod Millen motorsport side skirts and the front grille from a JDM Altezza.

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