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Watch a man drift up a mountain in one take

Chris Forsberg slides his way up California’s Onion Valley road in a V8-powered Nissan 370Z

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Ladies and gents, all hail the new Doriftu Kingu, Chris Forsberg. Being the current Formula Drift champion, he’s already quite a well-endowed skidmeister, but he really showed off his skills recently by taking his V8-powered Nissan 370Z to the stunning, winding Onion Valley road in California and drifting up the whole thing in one take.

One mountain. No Practice. No retries. Those were the rules and as you can see from the video above, it wasn’t exactly easy. But it is quite the watch.

With the rear wheels of the 350Z always spinning twice as fast as the ones up front, Chris was quite busy juggling the steering wheel and handbrake while also tap dancing on the pedals. As you’ll spot, there are no black stripes on the road proceeding him – so you know it’s legit.

Drifting of course, is a dark, difficult art. We’re not talking about that little shuffle of the rear end that you had at your local roundabout, here. We’re talking about big ol’ snaking skids. Being able to get from the stage of tiny chirpy oversteer to full-on sideways requires supreme throttle balance, accurate steering inputs and perfect timing. Even pros get it wrong and spin. Quite often, actually. So to nail multiple sweeping transitions up a mountain road first time is quite the achievement.

So, sit back and watch a master at work.

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