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Vauxhall Astra news - Brit cops get new weapon! - 2010

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So American cops get the Carbon Motors E7, the Italian polizia get a Lambo Gallardo and the British rozzers get…

The new Vauxhall Astra. Oh.

Not that we should be surprised, of course. Her Majesty’s Law Enforcement Community has a longstanding relationship with the dependable Vauxhall, so a jam sandwich based on the sixth-generation Astra was as predictable as, er, the sixth-generation Astra itself.

And, let us be clear, we are in no way mocking the Astra’s capability as a Vehicle Of Keeping The Peace. If you wish to, say, tick off a couple of young rapscallions for, say, running a stick noisily over metal railings, it shall assist you admirably in that task.

But we can’t help wondering whether our sterling bobbies need something a bit more… British and ridiculous to assist them in their fight against crime. So we want your suggestions. We’ll kick you off with the Morgan Aero Supersports - if only because you could fit at least four policemen on those running boards, a la 1930s American cop cars.

What do you reckon? Use those commenty-fellas below to vent your ideas. And if, say, you fancied mocking up a police-car version and posting the results, that would probably make us very happy.

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