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Video: Jeremy and James drive to the North Pole

Published: 31 Jan 2012

Britons! Eastern Europeans! The Welsh! You may have noticed that it's ruddy FREEZING outside. Which has something to do with fronts. Or wind. Or the Arctic. Or something.

Anyway. The biting cold has reminded us of the boys' epic race to the Magnetic North Pole. Our mission was to discover not IF we could reach the planet's most inhospitable extremities, but how EASILY we could do it. And have a bit of a race.

Hammond was strapped to some dogs and a plastic tray, while Jeremy and James travelled in a Toyota Hilux extensively modified by Icelandic off-roadists, Arctic Trucks.

Despite fists of ham and an incident with tinned meat, Clarkson and May managed to both win the race and become the first to drive a motor vehicle to the 1996 location of the Pole.

Now watch. Then tell us your favourite Top Gear special.  

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