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Listen to a 770bhp Quattro monster a hillclimb

The video is short, so we’ll be brief. Here is footage taken by a YouTube enthusiast who goes by the name of 19Bozzy92. It is footage of a replica Audi S1 Quattro with 770bhp, powering through an Italian hillclimb.

And it sounds absolutely excellent.

The original S1 remember, was built in 1984 and featured an excellent five-pot engine, excellent wide arches and even more excellent noise. It also helped Audi claim victory at Pikes Peak, too.

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Quite handy, then. A Bulgarian company called Prospeed wanted to replicate the handiness of the original but with additional power. They built this replica S1, featuring a quite brutal 770bhp.

They took it to the 46th edition of the Verzegnis - Sella Chianzutan event in Italy last weekend, and Mr 19Bozzy92 managed to capture the ‘hillclimb monster’. Nikolay Zlatkov was the chap in charge of the helmsmansry, and clearly wasn’t hanging around.

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“I’m always sorry for the shortness of these kind of videos,” 19Bozzy92 explains, “but it’s the best I can do being alone.”

Nothing to apologise for, 19Bozzy92. For the rest of you out there, just sit back, turn it up and enjoy some NOISE.

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