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This is the maddest hillclimb you will see today

Top Gear understands that you are an industrious, all-action businessperson with not a moment to waste in your hectic schedule. But you must clear precisely 35.05 seconds in your diary to watch the video below, because it may change your life. Probably not a lot, but maybe a little.

The video below shows racing nutjob Jos Goodyear setting a new course record on Scotland’s Doune Hillclimb in his GWR Raptor, a car featuring a supercharged Hayabusa engine, four tyres and very little else.

And Mr Goodyear plus lightweight bike-engined thing equals fast. Much fast. Jos’s 35.05-second ascent of Doune’s 1,350-metre course equates to an average speed (if TG’s ropey maths is correct) of around 87mph, but that figure doesn’t do justice to the sheer insanity of this drive.

Drystone walls, trees, off-camber, slippery bends: Doune is a hill with no room for error, and Goodyear pushes it right to the very edge.

Because you’re far too busy to waste valuable seconds watching Jos idling at the start line (though there’s a lovely moment around 17 seconds featuring Goodyear’s crack team of tyre experts), fast-forward to 1m30s to witness the insane climb itself.

Prepare to wince a little, and then please enter, in the comments section below, your best guess at the precise chemical composition of Mr Goodyear’s manfruits.

And, if you’re reading this from outside the UK and wondering: yes, this is exactly what the whole of Britain does every weekend.

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