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Try not to squirm as you watch this epic bike duel

Video: watch Guy Martin fend off Michael Dunlop at the Ulster Grand Prix in this incredible two-wheeled battle

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The video above is motorsport’s version of trying not to lick your lips while eating a doughnut.
If you can get through the full three-and-a-bit minutes of footage above without squirming, hiding behind your sweaty palms or clanging your jaw on the floor, you’re made of stronger stuff than us.
What you’re witnessing is professional sideburn enthusiast and part-time nut job road-racer, Guy Martin, duelling with equally unhinged biker Michael Dunlop during the 2012 Ulster Grand Prix Superbike race.
It may be an old clip, but it’s a goodie. With F1 a little, um, predictable at the moment, this clip is a welcome reminder of how incredibly exciting close, high-speed racing can be.
With Guy Martin leading the opening four laps of the main superbike race, Dunlop managed to catch up, sparking a tremendous showdown of speed, ballsy late braking and impossibly committed overtakes round the 7.4-mile Northern Irish circuit.
Hitting speeds in excess of 190mph on public roads – quite a feat considering the size and weight of man-veg the two riders must be carrying – they slipstream and jostle for position while swapping paint at eye-watering speeds. Eventually Dunlop brakes too late and drops his bike, an error allowing Guy to clinch his first international superbike race win of that year.
Now, Bernie, please can we make F1 a bit more like this?

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