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Video: watch a Mini set the record for the tightest reverse parallel-park

Brit Alastair Moffatt squeezes classic Mini in 34cm-longer space. Neat

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It’s not often a week goes by where a world record isn’t bettered, usually by a bulldog on a skateboard.

This week is no exception, for yesterday Brit Alastair Moffat successfully reverse parallel-parked a classic Mini in a space just 34cm longer than the car itself, beating the previous record by 1cm. This is impressive. 

Now, Moffat also holds the record for the tightest conventional handbrake-initiated parallel-park, having managed to slide a Fiat 500 into a space only 7.5cm longer than the car itself at the beginning of this year.

7.5cm is a lot less than 34cm, but the it’s the ‘reverse’ element that ups the difficulty - and therefore size of the space - with Moffat having to complete a full J-turn before slotting the Mini into its space. 

Watch the video above and feel wholly inadequate at parking, why don’t you. 

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