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Watch ten minutes of off-road carnage

When the road fizzles from hard black tarmac to dusty bouldery wastelands, that’s when most drivers call it quits and reprogramme the sat nav. But to off-road enthusiasts, that’s where the fun begins.

Now, off-roading covers quite a broad spectrum. At one end you have the ageing octogenarian towing their caravan ‘off-road’ and onto a well-maintained grassy campsite. At the other, you have the people in the video above.

They’re the kind where absolutely no terrain is an issue. Diligent disciples of the Clarkson School of Motoring, they believe that the only way to cover any type of terrain is to have lots of power and bury your foot until you crash. As you’ll see, that happens quite a lot.

But this gung-ho attitude also generates spectacular footage. Cars fly, bounce and crawl up angles and across what your eyes believe to be impassable objects until they either; A. Crash B. Explode or C. Set their own suspension on fire from the tortuous abuse.

Would you take a ride with this lot? Let us know below.

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