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The best Russian dashcam videos ever

  1. If it’s not images of drizzly camouflage or politicians posturing with butch things, the words “Meanwhile, in Russia” are usually followed by grainy dashcam videos of something mad happening. Like terrifying crashes. Or saucy cows.

    So it seems fitting that on a day when the biggest real automotive news is Vauxhall’s announcement of some market-leading finance offers, and nobody’s uploaded a video of a cat driving a car, we should compile ten of the very best Russian dashcam clips.

    Click on, tell us your favourite, then let us know if we’ve missed a good ‘un.

  2. The one with that massive meteor

    According to the Russian Academy of Sciences, the meteor flew across the Chelyabinsk region at speeds of around 33,000mph, before shattering some 32 miles above ground. Naturally, a man listening to pumping Euro-house was on hand to capture some footage.

    Click here to watch

  3. The one with the saucy cows

    This - and the Public Order Act - are why you should neither rump nor pump in public. Unless you have a thing for being crashed into by a Russian wearing Very Jazzy Trousers.

    Click here to watch

  4. The one with the SUV getting hit by lightning

  5. The one with the breakdancing fuel attendant

    When the Land Cruiser starts shakin’, this guy starts breakin’. Who knew that Breathe by The Prodigy could elicit anything good at all?

    Click here to watch

  6. The one with the terrible insurance scam attempt

  7. The one with the really lucky trucker

    It might just be us, but there’s something gently balletic about this crash/smash/window-dismount/why-isn’t-he-dead video. Anyone else? No?

    Click here to watch

  8. The one with the ghost car

    Prompting the word ‘FAKE’ to fill up the bottom half of the internet, this video is absolute, unquestionable evidence of a scourge of wheeled ghouls tormenting Russian motorists.

    Click here to watch

  9. The one with the policeman on the bonnet of a fugitive's car

    Like a very fleshy, very wriggly Spirit of Ecstasy, this policeman goes above and beyond the call of duty to apprehend a crook. Who promptly uploaded this video to YouTube.

    Click here to watch

  10. The one with the sinkhole

    We’re stretching the definition of dash-cam here, but this footage shows Russia quite literally swallowing its cars. More evidence that Mother Nature hates cars.

    Click here to watch

  11. The one with all the loveliness

    It’ll be no great great surprise to learn that Russia isn’t exclusively populated by axe-wielding road-ragists and suicidal, randy cattle. Evidence, if it was needed, is right under these blue words

    Click here to watch

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