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There’s a fine line between ‘much’ and ‘too much’. Which Brabus has most definitely crossed in building this - the G65-based 800bhp iBusiness.

As per protocol, that biblical power output is a result of some heavy-handed force-feeding. The 6.0-liter V12 Biturbo engine gets bigger turbochargers, four water-to-air intercoolers stowed underneath the carbon bonnet, and high-flow air filter housings are chocked in the front wings where they’ll get more cold air.

That means the super-G makes 1047lb ft of torque (!), which gets it from 0-62mph in 4.2 seconds and onto a suitably terrifying top speed

But performance isn’t really this thing’s USP. As the name suggests, it’s a vehicle in which one conducts iBusiness.

We don’t know what iBusiness is, but to successfully manage it Brabus proposes that you require an iPad mini, Mac Mini, iPod touch, Apple TV, high-speed internet connection, many hidey holes, and some flat, mirror-smooth tables. Along with pace that’d embarrass all but Dubai’s high-speed pursuit vehicles.

To accommodate that lot, the rear bench has been replaced by two individual rear seats, with a two-piece centre console. The top section features a refrigerator and the lower has various knobs and buttons to control the all electronickery.

Rearward passengers also get their own folding, swivelling table with individual iThing docks, a little area to hold your keyboard and mouse, and under the seats there are cubby holes that could comfortably house, say, three high-powered hairdryers.

In the alcantara-lined roof there’s a 15.6-inch monitor that serves as a central command centre, with two smaller screens behind the front headrests that can be used independently, or as part of the main network. The bigger one has its own remote, and bobs up and down with its own little motor. Which is probably also turbocharged.

Which is all very clever, but what the HELL’S going on outside? The iBusiness gets 23-inch rimz, massive wheelarches (adding 4.7 inches of girth), a front spoiler, LED daytime running lights, er, everywhere, the company’s own xenon headlights, and a new radiator grille. There’s also a Brabus rear bumper, two LED backup and fog lights, and an A-Team-spec roof spoiler with integrated LED brake light

We’ll get to see it in the metal next week at the Geneva motor show. We’ll be sure to ask Brabus about this ‘iBusiness’ business, too…

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