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Video: Felix Baumgartner drifts a helicopter around a smoking GT86

A GT86 that's powersliding around a jet fighter, at that. Red Bull's track record for loopy, cash-torching videos continues in style

Published: 04 Aug 2015

Is there a more fun place to work than Red Bull? Whether you like taurine-brimmed drinks or not, ideas meetings must be a riot.

Why? Because it would appear anything goes. Just a week after the energy drink-purveyor revealed a video of a man surfing while on fire (really), it has shown us this.

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It’s Felix Baumgautner – yep, the one who jumped to Earth from space – drifting a helicopter around an unsubtly modified Toyota GT86, which just so happens to be drifting too. Around a jet fighter...

"It's like juggling five knives at a time when walking a tightrope," says Baumgartner. Given Red Bull’s track record of frivolous stunts, we suspect he has first-hand experience to qualify that.

We won’t spoil too much, suffice to say that while the car cuts some fairly spectacular shapes, it’s the helicopter chasing it that stars. Ol’ Felix makes it do some extraordinary stuff, enough to suggest falling spectacularly from orbit is the very least of his talents.

There’s also a wonderful cameo from friend of TG Blacky Schwarz, who, clearly addled by the wanton tomfoolery below him, wants to declare him – and his Cobra attack helicopter – boss. Would you argue?

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Credit: Lukasz Nazdraczew/Red Bull Content Pool

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