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In an attempt to outsmart you internet people, we’ve been waiting for something a bit different to enter the Top Gear garage. You’ve all become very, very good at identifying cars from nano details, but we think we may have a car that will make your brain implode.

If you’ve not played before, it’s very simple.

1. Look at the picture above these words
2. Guess what car it is
3. Post said guess in the handy box below

We’ve just looked at our budget, and it’s bad news. The prize is still only ONE Internet Point. Sorry.

We’ll start with a really hard picture, but don’t run away from your keyboard, if no one can guess it we’ll upload a couple of easier pics later. And we’re going to be harsh with this one; we want specifics on the model.


UPDATE 1: Nobody’s close to guessing it yet. Here’s another pic…

UPDATE 2: Some of you are extremely close but not quite there. Keep guessing. 

UPDATE 3: Well done Vlad_ts, it’s an Alpina D5

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