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With last week’s Great Wall Steed we properly put the cat among the pigeons. We shook up even the best Internet guessers, a feat nigh-on impossible for anyone familiar with a ‘forum’. Fear not, however: those of you who so abjectly failed last week have a chance at redemption in the latest round of our car park guessing game.

If you’ve not played before, it’s very simple.

1. Look at the picture above these words.
2. Guess what car it is
3. Post said guess in the handy box below these words

Just to clarify, it is an actual car that you can buy with your own money, or LOTS of Internet points. If you correctly guess the make and model of the car you’ll have your screen-name emboldened and italicised onto this page.

So what are you waiting for? Get guessing!

Update: You lot still haven’t got it. Here’s another clue. Come on, Internet!

Update: Still nothing? Here’s another pic.

Update: Congratulations to MSenna who correctly identified it as an Audi S6 Avant, via Twitter. One Top Gear Internet Point, duly awarded.

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