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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Audi A4

Overall verdict
Audi rejects agility in favour of comfort. The result is the best A4 ever.


Cabin insulation,ride comfort, slick drivetrains, class-leading interior


Little engagement, most of the tech kit is optional


What is it?

What do you mean ‘what is it’? Can you not tell the all new A4 apart from the A6 and A8? Of course you can’t – Audi’s Russian doll styling technique does a fine job of baffling onlookers. OK, we’re being deliberately myopic and when we allow our eyes to focus properly we can tell that this all-new A4 does look a bit more mature. 

But hardly revolutionary. That’s because Audi was busy investing all its pennies in less obvious places. 90 per cent of the A4’s components are new, up to 100kg has been lopped off the kerbweight, and the focus isn’t on the driving, but the technology. 

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