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Bentley Continental GT

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Bentley Continental GT



Final thoughts and pick of the range

Bentley takes the Continental GT in a more dynamic direction

Bentley has given customers what they demanded: a more athletic, sporting, rapid, capable Continental GT. I’m happy for them. In the areas owners obviously care most about – performance and handling, it’s night-and-day better than the old one. The 48v electrics, longer wheelbase and air suspension have brought crispness to the dynamics and allowed the car to cope admirably with the huge increase in straight-line performance.

However, it’s also lost a little of what gave the Conti its grand touring reputation in the first place. The waft, surge and cosset is slightly diminished, it’s lost a little of its single-minded individuality. But this is a small thing, almost a matter of calibration. Comfort and relaxation may have slipped maybe five per cent, but dynamism is up 50 per cent. And most importantly, that ability and behaviour suits the Bentley Continental GT well.

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