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BMW 6 Series

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:BMW 6 Series



What is it like on the road?

The outside world is a remote place in the new Six coupe. Gone are any sensations of speed or intimacy with the road. Capable of careering down the autobahn at 155mph, and it’ll corner at obscene speeds, but you always feel like you’re sitting in a plush hotel bed holding a steering wheel.

Inside, fit and finish are on a par with Audi, and because its such a good cruiser, it’s actually comfortable to live with, unlike its swaggering, brash predecessor.

You get a choice of a 640d, a 650i twin-turbo V8 with 450bhp and the 640i turbocharged straight-six, packing 320bhp. Ruddy impressive, that last one - 0-62mph takes 5.3 seconds and it’ll top out at, surprise surprise, 155mph - but it’s not adorable. It lack the electrifying noise of old-school unblown BMW sixes. The diesel is a better fit for the 6’s continent-crushing persona. 


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