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BMW M8 Competition

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:BMW M8 Competition



Running costs and reliability

If we’ve been complaining about this being an ‘ordinary’ BMW instead of a ‘special’ Aston or McLaren, here’s the payback. There are dealers everywhere, and the mechanicals and engine (now the early M5 fuel-starvation problem is fixed) are proven stuff. We’d expect it to be painless to own.

For both the Coupe and Convertible, fuel economy is fractionally the good side of 25mpg WLTP, and CO2 just the wrong side of 250g/km. Tyre choice affects it marginally.

The convertible is exactly £7,000 more than the Coupe, or a piffling six per cent. Very much worth it, as it adds a whole new dimension to the car.

The choice of extras is short for a BMW because most desirable stuff is bundled in. But there’s an ‘ultimate pack’ at £20k which includes the main acts from said options list: ceramic brakes, laserlights, vented comfort seats, B&W sound, maximum driver assist, speed delimiter, driver training.

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