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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:BMW X7


On the inside

Layout, finish and space

If driving it is luxury, riding in it is more so. The four-seat layout gives the rear passengers as much comfort and pretty much the same space as the front two (that includes the ride, on account of the enormous wheelbase). Even the seven-seater layout is hardly a park bench.

All the seat adjustment and folding is electric. Show-off, yes, but painfully slow too.

The view out is great, with deep windows. Everyone gets vents and adjustable climate and reading lights and cupholders and power sockets. No cheap seats here… unless you get the optional heated and cooled front cupholders while the rest are – what – thermally passive?

If all three rows are up, the boot is a supermini-sized 326 litres. In the two-row setup, surely how people will use this car, it’s a mammoth 750 litres.

The screen system is BMW’s usual new-gen ‘version 7.0’, encompassing a big touch-screen with superb UI design, and a proper iDrive controller wheel which is still the best input device. But the driver’s screen’s illegible, odd-shaped instruments continue to annoy us.

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