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What should I be paying?

Your starting price for the Ami is £7,695, though you can spec three different colour packs (orange, grey and blue) which add coloured wheel caps, door nets, floor mats and a few other bits for £400. There are two additional trim levels too.

Don’t get your hopes up, we’re not talking Burmester surround sound and massage seats here. If the unadulterated Ami is the entry-level car then Pop spec is the mid-range trim: with it you get one of the colour packs, plus a variety of black exterior trim pieces and some stickers for the doors. It costs £8,495. No, we can't see the point either.

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Then there’s the top-spec Tonic version: it’s priced at £8,695 and gets all of the above (no, not the massage seats) plus a few extra, khaki-coloured cosmetic bits. Literally nothing else of substance. Not even a cushion for those with spine anxiety.

You can also get a Cargo version for £7,995, although that strips away the passenger seat and with it most of the fun. We don’t really see the Ami as a workhorse in any capacity, but apparently there are those who do: read more about it here.

If it were our money - and this is a stretch for us to imagine - we’d keep it simple and go for the most basic two-seat Ami. And if you’re desperate for a splash of colour it really wouldn’t be that hard (or expensive) to get your own stickers made.

As alluded to in the Overview, the real magic here is the finance on offer. A deposit of just over £1,300 will get you into an Ami for £99 per month over two years. If you’re on a limited budget and only really need to get about town, that’s potentially a very big draw.

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As are the charging costs: less than £2 will fill the Ami up from empty, with the tiny battery needing just three hours to replenish on a normal three-pin plug. Not that you get one of these as standard: Citroen UK supplies a European-to-Type-2 converter as standard, so you’ll need to buy your own adaptor if you’re charging without a wallbox.

As far as long-term use goes, there’s not much to go wrong or service, and you can bluster it around without worrying about small bumps or scratches. It’ll likely be a car-sharing favourite.

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