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Citroen C3

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Citroen C3



What is it like on the road?

Citroen C3 front

Because it’s light it gets along well, and the 1.2 petrol engine is a chirpy companion, though we’d avoid the lowest-power versions. In turbo form it has a wide useable rev range, so you don’t need to change gear often, which is maybe just as well as the lever is floppy. Through corners, the C3 is thoroughly capable but isn’t the last word in involvement. It’s agile but doesn’t have much steering feedback. Still, the supple suspension lets you bowl along even on rough roads. The seats look flat but actually support you fairly well in corners. At high speeds there’s wind noise but otherwise this little car doesn’t mind motorway work. In town the suspension is impressively quiet.



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