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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:DS 5

Overall verdict
An extraordinary piece of design marred by sub-par mechanicals.


Sumptuous design touches, rarity, reasonably tolerable ride at last


Rattly engines, not the most user-friendly cabin


What is it?

Curiously, a facelifted car assuming flagship status for an all-new brand. Stay with us – basically, Citroen’s posh DS range has jumped mothership and become its own standalone entity, like, say, Toyota begetting Lexus. The two are still related – sharing engines, platforms and interior underpinnings, but everything you touch is supposed to have a bespoke, more expensive feel. There’s also not a single Citroen badge to be found on the car, which is how you’ll tell it apart from the old Citroen DS5. Still with us? Good, because in a few crucial respects the DS-space-5 is a much better car than the Citroen DS5 we wanted to like so much when it burst onto the scene in 2011.

Highlights from the range

Title 0–62 CO2 MPG BHP Price
The fastest
1.6 THP 210 16V Performance Line 5dr
8.1s 144g/km 45.6 210 £31,000
The cheapest
1.6 THP 210 16V Prestige 5dr
8.1s 144g/km 45.6 210 £30,590
The greenest
2.0 BlueHDi 180 Elegance 5dr EAT6
9.2s 117g/km 62.8 180 £31,035
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