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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Ferrari 488 GTB

Overall verdict
A triumph of sports car engineering, though we’ll miss that N/A V8.


Searing speed, 458’s spirit remains in tact


OK, so it doesn’t sound as bellissimo as the 458. But it’s still good...


What is it?

If we’re being terse, it’s a facelifted, turbocharged Ferrari 458, which replaces the lovely Italia after six years on sale. But really, the Ferrari 488 GTB is something much bigger. It’s Ferrari’s first turbo-assisted mid-engined car since the iconic F40, and a sea-change in Ferrari’s future car roadmap. And that bodywork isn’t different for change’s sake – there’s a 50 per cent increase in speed-generated downforce, up to 325kg of the stuff (that’s the equivalent of four bloke’s worth of force pushing you down onto the road). Ferrari also claims even faster gearchanges and even cleverer adaptive suspension.

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