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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review: Ferrari LaFerrari

Overall verdict
Quite simply, the most evocative hybrid hypercar in the world


It’s utterly magnificent. And the V12 at 9000rpm will make you weep


Using 950bhp regularly requires commitment. And nerve


What is it?

The Ferrari LaFerrari - or just LaFerrari if you will - is the apogee of Ferrari’s current roadcar programme: a carbon, two-seat hypercar that melds a 6.3-litre Ferrari V12 with a KERS-esque battery pack and electric motor to give 950bhp and 663lb ft of torque. As you might expect, it looks like a spaceship, and drives like the best Ferrari ever made. Which in terms of useable horsepower, it is. Only 499 have been built, available only to serious Ferrari collectors, and they’re all sold out. A car so fantastic the company decided to make it definitive (it is literally called The Ferrari), neatly annexing the Italian company in a weird little semantic cul-de-sac when it comes to naming its next car…