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Ferrari LaFerrari review

Published: 05 Feb 2015


What is it like to drive?

You’d think getting on for a thousand horses would make the LaFerrari all but undriveable on the road, but it simply doesn’t. The V12 has been optimized for high-rev horsepower, the resulting hole in the torque curve (the V12 engine doesn’t do its best work until north of 5,000rpm) filled by the electric motor. That means instant throttle response, razored responses and the most natural-feeling hybrid in existence. In terms of on-road driving, after a while, and if you can forget the limited-edition status and million pound pricetag for long enough, it’s no more intimidating to drive than a 458. It rides well, you can see out of it and the 7-speed F1 ‘box works beautifully. Find a decent empty stretch of road though, and you can warp the weft of spacetime with the LaFerrari’s acceleration. It handles fabulously, too – with the delicacy you expect of a Ferrari, but the punch of the Space Shuttle. Really though, it’s not a hybrid – it’s a V12 megacar with electric nitrous.

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