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Ford Ka+

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Ford Ka+


On the inside

Layout, finish and space

Surprisingly big. Though marginally shorter than a Fiesta, the Ka+ is slightly taller, giving a cabin with a whole lot more space for elbows and knees and offspring than the similarly priced Up/Citigo/Mii and Aygo/108/C1 crowd.

Ford has steered well clear of trying to jazz up the dash in the manner of the 500 or Mini, so you’ll find no colour-contrast inserts or retro motifs in here. The switchgear is solid enough, though anyone who’s owned an early Nineties Ford at some point (the whole of Britain, surely) may find some of the buttons and levers curiously familiar. The cutting edge of interior design, this is not.

That said, the Ka+ is (relatively) generously specced, with the even the most basic models getting Bluetooth, USB and speed limiter. Eulogise all you want about that original Nineties Ka, there’s no denying it wasn’t much cop at linking up to smartphones.

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