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Ford Mustang

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Ford Mustang


On the inside

Layout, finish and space

The Mustang gets a new digital instrument pack for 2018, which you can colour co-ordinate with your shoes if you fancy (there are literally hundreds of different combinations from which to choose) and which flicks from twin round dials to a strip-style rev counter depending on whether you’re in Normal or Sport modes.

There’s another new mode called Drag Strip, which combines launch control with a softening of the rear Magneride dampers to allow the car to squat and grip more for massive acceleration. Not fun and we didn’t try it. Lots.

You can choose from standard (big, wide, squishy, comfy) seats or optional high-backed racing buckets (which are a bit narrow if you’re of generous proportions). Comfort and space in the front are fine. The rear is cramped, but OK by 2+2 coupe standards.

What’s not OK is the level of fit and finish. There’s still too much cheap plastic on show and nasty chrome-effect buttons at the base of the dash. Even with a starting price around £35,995 the cabin’s a bit of a shocker, especially if you’re trading from an Audi or BMW. Character and heritage can only count for so much.

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