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Honda Civic Tourer

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Honda Civic Tourer



What is it like on the road?

Honda Civic Tourer white front quarter

The Civic features an adaptive damper system that only operates on the rear axle – to counteract and offset that huge payload – but it’s too detached to be a serious driver’s estate. There’s almost zero feedback from the wheel and the steering is too light. But this means it’s hugely comfortable, cosseting, isolating from poor road surfaces (excellent for the UK) and stress-free. Aloof yes, but comfy. The manual gearbox is great, too.

There are just two engines on offer and we’d err towards the 1.6-litre diesel. Though it’s 0.9secs slower to 60mph than the 1.8-litre petrol it’s got more torque, better economy and creeps under the magic 99g/km of CO2 barrier. It’s punchy and smooth when you’re cruising about and remains impressively refined. All the better to make unruffled haste.


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