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Honda CR-V

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Honda CR-V


On the inside

Layout, finish and space

Here’s where the Honda excels. There’s plenty of soft-touch plastic and all the major touch-points have a level of quality that shames some premium brands. Pull door handles, or wiggle switches, and there’s no play in any of them – the CR-V feels like it will last for millennia, or at least for a few years’ use by your hoards of children. Honda says this is why people keep buying them, it gives the reassurance that it’ll be the only car they ever need, so they keep on buying them. 

There is no seven-seat option available, but don’t go thinking that makes it impractical. The boot is huge, and by pushing the front seats outwards, Honda’s found space for decent cupholders. Clever. There’s also an Android-based infotainment system called Honda Connect. It’s standard on all but the most basic CR-Vs, and is reasonably easy to operate. 

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