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Honda HR-V

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Honda HR-V



What is it like on the road?

Unobjectionable, but with an exceptional gearbox. That’s a sentence that could be used to describe pretty much any Honda, and it holds true here. The stubby little gearlever is a delight to use – you’d need to have a very good reason indeed to spend the extra on the unpleasant CVT automatic instead.

The HR-V is a touch stodgier to drive than we hoped, not quite as light and nimble as it perhaps ought to be, but the weighted steering and level ride does help make it feel secure. Would be nice if the ride had a bit more give in it though.

Given the smoothness and refinement of the diesel CR-V, we had expected great things from its little brother, but here the 1.6-litre diesel vibrates and rattles. It’s not as punchy and energetic as it is in Honda’s bigger SUV either. What it is, is very efficient, but if most of our driving was short-haul stuff, we’d be looking hard at the petrol – not least because it’s £1,750 cheaper.

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