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Kia Ceed

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review: Kia Ceed


On the inside

Layout, finish and space

The Ceed has joined the floating touchscreen brigade, so that’s the first thing that greets you when you jump in. It’s got all the usual paraphernalia of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard even in the base model, plus things like DAB, Bluetooth, cruise control, auto lights, heated door mirrors and a reversing camera. Kia is also majoring on safety kit in this Ceed as well, with tech like lane-keeping assist or driver-fatigue warning as standard.

The higher trim grades get an eight-inch screen as standard, while the top spec ‘First Edition’ gets the full kitchen-sink treatment. There are even heated rear seats in this one – the kids have never had it so good.

The quality is top drawer. A leather steering wheel, handbrake and gearstick are standard on all variants, all feeling good to the touch and there are plenty of soft plastics around the cabin. The key thing is the major touch points have a decent weight to them – nothing jars, nothing feels like Kia has scrimped too much. Even the indicator ‘tick’ has a pleasingly damped sound.

If we were going to really nit-pick, it would be that the VW Group is still a couple of points ahead. It’s getting closer by the year, but Kia misses that last little bit of solidity that Volkswagen seems able to inject. Still, it’s a close-run thing.

Space is generally good inside: four adults will comfortably fit, boot space is on a par, if not marginally better, than rivals (395 or 1,291 litres depending on how you arrange the seats), there are loads of cubbies up front – you get the picture.

It all adds up to a competent bit of kit.