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Kia Soul

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review: Kia Soul



What is it like on the road?

Basing the Soul on the fine platform of the Cee’d is a good start. Its neat multi-link rear suspension has got lost along the way, but most of the other bits are present – so, although Kia’s given it a very soft and supple tune, it’s still confident and hangs on gamely in corners. And the benefit of going soft is making the ride pillowy: in town, the new Soul does a great job at soaking up city scars.

There are two engines but the direct injection 1.6 petrol should be avoided. It really doesn’t suit the Soul. It doesn’t have enough torque and what it does have is delivered at ear-screeching revs. Best go for the default diesel, a slightly clattery thing but with enough torque to make light work of a fully laden rear. Ah yes…


How about something completely different?


If you like your cars discreet, the Soul'd clarion call will horrify. Sooth yourself with a nice, plain Kia Venga