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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Kia Venga

Overall verdict
As sensible and tasty as a dry cracker. A decent enough car, perhaps one for the Freedom Pass brigade.


Clever boot, loads of headroom


Too sensible to be cool. The C3 Picasso is way cooler.


What is it?

Despite the nineties pop act name, this isn’t a bad car at all. Sensible, affordable… and just a little bit dull.

Highlights from the range

Title 0–62 CO2 MPG BHP Price
The fastest
1.6 ISG 3 5dr
10.4s 139g/km 47.9 123 £16,605
The cheapest
1.4 ISG 1 5dr
12.4s 130g/km 50.4 89 £12,540
The greenest
1.4 CRDi 2 5dr
13.7s 115g/km 64.2 89 £15,740
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