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Kia XCeed

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review: Kia XCeed



What is it like on the road?

So far we’ve driven the base-spec 1.0-litre triple and the 138bhp four-cylinder petrol. Clearly, the 1.0-litre is not quick. It’ll take 10.9 seconds to reach 62mph and needs revving to punt the XCeed along, but the manual ‘box is far better than the slightly indecisive auto that we tried in the 1.4-litre.

Most UK buyers will go with the 1.4, though. It’s certainly not a bad engine – it’s reasonably refined and the extra poke is certainly noticeable. 

Having been raised, the suspension in the XCeed is quite a bit softer than in its hatchback sibling. There’s a modicum of extra lean through the corners, but the steering is nice and quick to make things feel dynamic enough. Don’t expect anything like the feel and feedback that you get from a Ford Focus Active though.

Our 1.4-litre test car came in ‘First Edition’ trim too. As you’d expect, this gets all the tech and trinkets that would usually be options, but it also featured 18-inch wheels and surprisingly low-profile tyres. If you’re serious about an XCeed, go for the smaller wheels – there’ll be far less road-noise and the ride will generally be more composed.

In terms of fuel economy, the three-cylinder claims around 45mpg on the WLTP cycle, whilst Kia reckons the four-pot can do just under 43mpg. In reality, with a mixture of town and motorway we managed high-thirties. Not bad – but an equivalent hatchback or estate would surely perform better, and would certainly be more engaging to drive at the same time.


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