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Land Rover Range Rover

Overall verdict

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Running costs and reliability

The Range Rover remains a practical, spacious car in any of its specifications, although cargo space is somewhat compromised in the P400 because the batteries live under the boot floor. Still, 802 litres (down from 900) isn’t half bad. And as far as safety goes, there are many airbags and myriad driver assistance systems on offer. Lane departure warning and autonomous emergency braking are fitted as standard, but buyers can add blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping and many more besides.

The PHEV model will appeal to business users for its low claimed CO2 and mpg figures (and ensuing tax benefits), but as is the way with these things, anyone buying a P400e and genuinely expecting over 100mpg from it will be sorely disappointed. If you’re lucky and especially light of foot, you might get into the 30s in mixed driving. Likewise the EV range. LR claim 31, but you’ll see 20 or so. If you are indeed buying one as a company car it makes great financial sense, but for the rest of us there’s more satisfaction to be had from driving the brawny diesel – which in the real world is as economical and, don’t forget, cheaper to buy.

But happily, not by much. The P400e starts at £86,965 for a SWB Vogue – just £265 more than the equivalent V8 diesel (the only engine in the line-up that produces more torque, interestingly) and £400 more than the 3.0-litre V6 petrol. The V6 diesel starts at £79,595. The cheapest long-wheelbase Rangie is the V8 diesel at £112,900. The options list is long, varied, and very, very dangerous. But you can basically ignore it - we’ve sampled a boggo Rangie Vogue, and at no point did we feel short-changed. Maybe spec the parking cameras - because it’s a big old bus - but otherwise you can leave the list well alone. 

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