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Lexus UX

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Lexus UX


On the inside

Layout, finish and space

The front of the UX’s cabin is where Lexus plays one of its trump cards. Smart, (mainly) logical and less cluttered than its bigger brother NX, the space feels generous and welcoming. Material quality is excellent and original in places too, notably in the optional dashboard covering that resembles textured Japanese washi paper.

Indeed, Lexus is stressing its superior craftsmanship – called Takumi – and named its top UX trim after it. Below that sits F-Sport while, the Standard entry-level will be the UX’s best-seller. 

Annoyingly, the UX’s remote touchpad tech borrowed from other Lexus models for the infotainment screen (7in as standard, 10.25in on F-Sport) is still fiddly. Even at its slowest setting the cursor moves too fast, which makes it easy to overshoot within menus and click the wrong item. Zooming in and out within the map function is also tricky, and embedded too deep within the system to find easily. Practice helps a bit.

Further minus points include rear seat space which only feels okay for taller passengers and material quality which, especially around the rear door trims, takes a dive. Boot space remains unconfirmed for now, but looks small with less room in the hybrid under the load floor (compared to the petrol-only unit available in other markets). 

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