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Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake



Running costs and reliability

In the UK, there’s only one trimline of CLA Shooting Brake: AMG line. So, no povvo-spec bumpers or small wheels for Brits. Prices kick off at £32,280 (£1,000 more than the CLA saloon) but that only gets you into a paltry 134bhp CLA 180, and this car deserves better. Aim for the CLA 250 if you’re set on petrol (221bhp, £34k) or our pick – the CLA 220d diesel, for £35,515. It emits 112g/km, officially – even the weakest petrol version can’t get within 10 grammes of that. 

Meanwhile, as per usual for Mercedes these days, options-ticking is out and big packs of grouped goodies are in. This means adding kit isn’t cheap (the feature-packed Premium Plus pack is £3k alone) but you’re also far less likely to miss out a critical feature when adding spec. We’d be most tempted by the £1,500 Driving Assistance Package. Similar guardian angel tech to Tesla, in essence, without the irresponsible ‘Autopilot’ branding. 

Don’t go looking for a hybrid or electric version – plug-in tech hasn’t made it to the CLA (yet). Mercedes’ rollout of ‘EQ’-badged EVs has been so far rather tentative.

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